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Saturday, 4 June 2016



This a follow up full length album to the WOVEN EP.

As many of you know, WOVEN was written for, at the time, my unborn daughter, Isabella Faith. There were many unique complications during the pregnancy and in her birth. Many doctors told us during the pregnancy she would not have lungs. But on Dec. 20 2013, she was born a miracle baby. She was able to breath on her own a bit and even cry. She then was put on respiration support and went straight to the NICU.

Once in the NICU, we learned that there were more complications with her heart and that though she did in fact have lungs, they were very small. The Lord gave us 9 beautiful days with our little girl. Though my wife and I endured endless days at the NICU, sleepless nights by her bed side, every moment was cherished. Every chance we got to hold her, every chance we got to read to her, sing to her, watch her smile and open those big eyes, every moment was cherished and bathed in love and prayer.

Beyond this album, beyond the trials and the pain, we are blessed. I count it a privilege to have been able to see the power of prayer work so vividly. I am blessed to have the first miracle I've ever placed my eyes on be my own daughter. I believe God did heal her in giving her lungs when people said she wouldn't. I believe that our days are numbered according to what God has planned for us and that the Lord put her on this earth with extreme purpose and that she was able to fulfill it. She has touched and is touching so many lives. So, I, as her proud father, will continue the legacy she left, and will continue to tell her story. This album is just one avenue in how I plan to do so.

This full length album is dedicated again to my little girl, Isabella. There are 10 songs on the album. One song for each day she was able to bless us here on earth and a song dedicated to the day of her memorial service. There was a lot of raw emotion poured into each song. I hope this album can draw out the emotional experience that my wife and I went through as you listen to the songs and I pray that this album blesses you just as much as it has blessed me.

released June 20, 2014

Isabella Faith: The reason for this whole album
God: Because He is so much more and far beyond who I am.
Jon Carolino: guitar, keys, bass, vocals, drums, everything else and production.

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